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Sharing Your Financial Values

Wednesday, November 6

8:30 am – 1:00 pm (lunch included)

Graylyn International Conference Center, Atlantis Room

Whether or not you ever have a serious conversation about your family’s finances,  your choices, actions, and attitudes communicate your financial values to your next generation.  This forum will help you to clarify your values and share them with your family members in a more intentional way.

In this hands-on workshop, attendees will investigate how their assumptions about money drive their behaviors, and identify their “money messages.”  In another exercise, participants will be guided to consider and articulate their life goals and vision — providing an opportunity for building self-awareness, but also for expressing their goals and aspirations to their significant others.


Danielle Oristian York is a Director at 21/64, non-profit consulting practice specializing in next generation and multigenerational engagement in philanthropy and family enterprise. She speaks and consults with families and their advisors on multigenerational engagement and empowering the next generation using 21/64 methods and tools. Danielle also facilitates trainings on 21/64’s approach to these powerful subjects.

In the second part of our program, founding Family Business Center members Henry A. (Andy) Brown III and Bruce Brown will share the story of their enterprising family.

TCW LogoThe Brown family businesses trace their origins back to 1974, when H.A. Brown Jr. and Patricia T. Brown founded Twin City Warehouses, Inc. Since then, several companies have evolved. Each business is different, but all share the same high level of leadership that has made them innovators in their fields:

AdeleKnits_2C_logoJPGAdele Knits is one of the world’s leading providers of circular knits for industrial and sports performance fabrics.

COR365 Infor Sol Logo 6-2012 (1)COR365 Information Solutions is one of the industry’s largest privately owned records management companies, managing more than 1.3 million boxes of paper records and 150,000 electronic backup tapes, and shredding and recycling approximately 100 tons of paper each month.

Both businesses, as well as the family’s corporate offices, are located in Salem Business Park, which was created by Andy and Bruce in 1995 to maximize efficiencies.

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