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Family Business Center

A professional and business development organization for family-run businesses

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When you run a family business, its success is your legacy. By joining the Family Business Center, you are helping to ensure that success, now and for future generations.

The mission of the Family Business Center is to help create happier families and more successful businesses through programs designed to recognize and address critical issues that always arise in closely held or family businesses. Among our offerings are our quarterly educational forums, sponsor roundtables, affinity group meetings and social events.  But probably the most important thing we offer is the opportunity to not only “network”, but to really get to know and trust other family business owners; people who have faced or will face the same unique challenges.

Member companies of the Family Business Center represent a diverse range of family and closely held business situations, including: husband-wife, mother-daughter, father-son, multiple generation, team management, first generation entrepreneurs, non-family executives. They see the Family Business Center as an adjunct of their management structure, an integral element in their preparation for the future.